A team composed exclusively of professionals, able to resolve the multiple problems in the field of information and investigation. R.S.I.S. is able to understand and solve, any need found everyday lives.

The experience that we use, consolidated through years of activity, allows our interlocutors, be they companies, Institutions offices or individuals, to manage in a resolute manner the unexpected or the recurring need,  what these requires an approach absolutely decisive and immediate.

Our services, are an excellence of the security industry and survey, guarantees the highest level of reliability. 

This is certified by renowned companies, which avail themselves of, or was availed themselves of, after prolonged and effective collaboration, our consultancy, with mutual satisfaction.


Our services:

  • close protection
  • prevention activities (conferences, fairs, events, etc.)
  • risk management,  design and consultancy with regard to business protocols for the protection of corporate assets and personnel
  • privacy protection
  • unfair competition